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Service for Hot Tubs

There is nothing more inconvenient when wanting to enjoy your hot tub, than opening the lid to find the water is cold, unsanitary, or even drained!
We understand fully the frustration and unexpected financial impact that hot tub repairs can cause, that’s why we offer fast and reliable help.
If we cannot accommodate your problem in a timely fashion, we also have external sources to professionals in the area that are more than willing to help. 

Heater troubles?
Pump issues?
Jets popping out?
Need help with water care?
Have you spotted a leak?
Is your spa cover in need of replacement?
Equipment failure?
Need filters?
Need to move your hot tub?
Get rid of a hot tub?
Call Mike! (585)-831-0017

Service for Pools


When we come to open your pool we…

  • Remove your winter cover
  • Install your ladders/rails
  • Remove return plugs
  • Hook up filter system/ equipment
  • Chemically shock your pool
  • Run system (if water is high enough)

When you schedule us to come open your pool there are many variables involved with whether we will open to a clear pool, or a green pool. One of our oldest pieces of advice to better the chances of opening to a crystal clear pool is to pour some liquid shock into the pool during our first thaw to help keep the pool clear. Most pools turn green during a nice February thaw, and we still have months to go before opening them! Also, chemically balancing your pool before closing it down for the winter will also make it easier to open to a clear pool, and it will be much easier on your pool & equipment.

*HINT* - Cleaning a pool can have many factors ranging from chemical balance to equipment issues. Our best advice whether you have a pool cleaning to tackle, or if your going to hire a professional is to have patience. Its can be stressful to see your pool looking more like a pond, but don’t worry, with our advice you will get the pool back into shape in no time.
Another helpful hint when it comes to cleaning a pool is to follow a simple process that we use in a “green/ cloudy” situation…

  • Vacuum/ scoop any leaves or debris before adding chemicals

If you have a pool with leaves in it, adding shock or chlorine will only make clearing up the pool harder as it breaks down the organic material in the water reducing the leaves to mush.

  • Chemically balance your alkalinity/ PH/ calcium/ stabilizer/ sanitizer

With our FREE computerized water analysis offered at both locations we can help chemically balance your pool with pinpoint accuracy and confidence.
Stay ahead of it!
It could take multiple treatments to achieve a clear pool that turned green. With water chemistry nothing is guaranteed. Our trained technicians will always provide you with the best advice & recommendations. If there is a persistent problem while treating your pool please have patience while we diagnose and correct the issue at hand.



When you hire us to come close your pool we take all necessary preventative steps to ensure the safety of your pool & equipment throughout the winter months.
On each job we:
-Remove your ladder/ steps
- winterize your equipment (pump, filter, automatic chemical feeder, and heater)
-Blow each line & winterize eachline using specific pool & spa non toxic anti freeze
-Add the proper amount of chlorine & formulated winter catalyst to the pool water to help sustain your water quality
-Cover & secure your pool
Helpful hint:
To better increase your chances of opening to a clear pool, make sure you remove any leaves or debris prior to winterizing your pool for the season. Debris like leaves & such can create a messy situation for when you open your pool. Also, adding some liquid chlorine under your cover during our first thaw can make a world of difference when opening the pool several months later.
During closing season you can find everything you need to close your pool at both of our locations.
-Winter covers
-Winter clips
-Cover cables & winches
-Closing chemicals
-Liquid shock
-Winter algaecide
-Pool/spa antifreeze
-Water bags & cover pillows
-Plugs/ covers/ blowout extensions

Spa Maintenance

Services Include

  • Clean water line
  • Spray filter cartridge(s) off if hose is available
  • Test water, balance and shock
  • Visually inspect spa for service issues
  • Wipe spa cover as well as the sides
  • All bromine chemicals are included
  • Hand vacuum used to remove debris

Call for Weekly and Bi-Weekly Pricing

Pool Maintenance

Services Include

  • Brushing 
  • Vacuuming
  • Backwashing
  • Balancing water and adding weekly chemicals

Call for Weekly and Bi-Weekly Pricing

Need Something Else?

Just have a question or need help solving an issue feel free to call!